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At Flake Bake, we firmly believe in the importance of giving back to our community as part of our moral and social responsibility. Over the years, we’ve opened our doors to numerous students from local schools including Kingsdale and Harris Academy, offering them valuable work experience opportunities at our factory. One notable success story is BBC Young Master Chef contestant Jaheel Johnson, who began his journey with us at just 15 years old. Through our mentorship and training over a three-year period, Jaheel developed his culinary skills before advancing to culinary school. By 20 years old, he became an Assistant Manager at TGI Fridays, a testament to his hard work and our support.

In addition to nurturing talent, we are dedicated to supporting our community directly. We sponsor a biweekly community outreach program in Brixton, providing hot patties to those in need. Furthermore, we collaborate with the local charity Leaders of Tomorrow UK, offering work placements for their students. If you’re a Southwark resident seeking one-on-one mentoring and advice for students aged 12 to 16, we encourage you to explore the opportunities available through Leaders of Tomorrow UK on their website.

At Flake Bake, our commitment to community engagement goes hand in hand with our passion for crafting delicious Jamaican patties. We believe that by uplifting those around us, we contribute to a brighter future for all.

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