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Savour the essence of The Caribbean with our mouth-watering patties. Authentic, aromatic, and oh-so-delicious!
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Handcrafted Perfection

At Flake Bake, we take pride in crafting the most delicious and authentic Jamaican patties. We are a Jamaican patty manufacturer and distributor based in South East London. Patties are a meat- or vegetable-filled pastry ideal for an everyday snack, lunch, or a meal with loved ones. They are the Jamaican version of the beloved British Cornish pasty.

There are many different flavours, like beef, chicken, lamb, salt fish and vegetables.

As every Jamaican knows, there are three keys to an authentic patty:

  1. The pastry: deep golden yellow, slight sweet flavour, incredibly flaky
  2. The filling; the freshest ingredients and used in the perfect ratio to pastry
  3. The spices; it’s all about the (secret) mixture and finding the balance

At Flake Bake, we have managed to combine these three key elements to create what customers call ‘some of the best patties they’ve tasted outside of Jamaica’.


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Customer Reviews

Shereen B
Amazing Jamaican patties they are even avaliable for wholesale.
Kev Williams
Patties are awesome!
Michelle Kidd
The best pattie in UK, thanks you Michelle for always giving 100% everything my freezer is full stocked and when I reheat its as fresh as the day I bought it, see you soon.
Sandra Stultz
Patties are awesome you have the flake on the outside and the inside has the right ingredients and it is not full with pepper Continue consistent throughout , lovely Patties
Kartreese Phillips
Great pattie factory. Can just go and pick up boxes or singles. Great taste!
Jay Mason
The most lovely patties I have tasted in the world, I don’t buy them any were else