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The story of Flake Bake begins with co-founder Paul Williams, a Jamaican immigrant who honed his baking skills working in his uncle’s bakery in the UK during the late 90s. The bakery closed. However, in 2008, the retail unit housing the original bakery became available for lease. Seizing the chance, Paul decided to recreate the business himself.

Paul’s son, Mike, worked with his dad weekends and evenings while attending college. With a growing interest in business, Mike pursued higher education, earning degrees in Economics and Politics from the University of Sussex and an MSc in Management for Business Excellence from the University of Warwick. During his studies, Mike recognised a market gap for Jamaican patties, inspired by the growing popularity of Caribbean cuisine in the UK. He wrote his dissertation on how to build a Jamaican Patty business in the UK using Blue Ocean Strategy.

In 2012, fresh out of university, Mike joined forces with his father to co-found Flake Bake Ltd. Their focus? To specialise solely on the manufacturing and supply of Jamaican patties. Leveraging his education and experience, Mike orchestrated a remarkable transformation, propelling Flake Bake into becoming South London’s largest supplier of handmade Jamaican patties.

Mike and Paul now aim to expand and invest in multiple Caribbean brands while supporting entrepreneurs and serving the community.

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