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Aldi's Next Big Thing

I am excited to share some big news with you – FLAKE BAKE is making its television debut on Channel 4’s #AldisNextBigThing! It’s been an amazing experience for me and my dad, pitching our handmade Jamaican Patties from our bakery in South London to one of the UK’s biggest supermarkets Aldi UK! 

 I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about being on TV. Nerves aside, I’m anticipating that my dad’s antics are sure to bring some laughs to the screen. He’ll either be a national meme or a household name after this.

Tune in on Tuesday 9th of April, at 8pm where Flake Bake will be featured in the ‘bakery’ category. Stay tuned for more updates and let’s see if our patties have what it takes to land a spot in Aldi stores nationwide! 


Flake Bake Director

The Competition

“Aldi’s Next Big Thing” is a competitive reality TV program where aspiring entrepreneurs (like our Director Mike) pitch their innovative product ideas to a panel of judges, aiming for the chance to have their product stocked in Aldi stores. Contestants typically present their product prototypes, business plans, and marketing strategies to impress the judges, who evaluate the potential market viability and profitability of each idea. Throughout the series, contestants (like us) may face challenges and receive mentorship from industry experts to refine their concepts. Ultimately, the winner secures a coveted spot on Aldi’s shelves (Fingers Crossed), gaining exposure and distribution for their product. The show not only provides a platform for emerging entrepreneurs but also offers viewers insight into the process of bringing a product to market in a highly competitive retail environment.

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